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  • Preparing for
    New York

    Preparing for New York

    Standing at the intersection between product, textile, and fashion design; as well as digital manufacturing, anthropological research and art, Digital Wax Print explores the relationship between digital fabrication and the manual technique of wax resist textile printing.

  • New visuals

    New visuals
  • The importance of

    The importance of Indigo

    Read more about it here.

  • Preparing
    for Taiwan

    Preparingfor Taiwan
  • Developing
    the original machine

    Developing the original machine

    Following the contemporary stream of participative design and shared knowledge, we focused on offering accessibility in the form of this innovation tool. Hacking an existing XY plotter, we substituted the drawing pen with a home-made electric Tjanting Tool, allowing us to draw any image we create in wax on cotton cloth. Adapting the machine to the process […]

  • Presenting
    in Taiwan

    Presenting in Taiwan

    Pieces were commissioned by the Taiwan Design Center for the International Craft Design Exhibition on Natural Dyes 2014. More info here.

  • Designing for

    Designing for Taiwan
  • A brief history of
    wax resist printing

    A brief history of wax resist printing

    Read up about the complicated history of wax resist printing here.

  • 14/0663


    Vlisco production number — 14/0663 Production date — 1936 Given names — Record/Plaque-plaque/Nsu Bura (water well, Ghana)/Target Consulaire Gbédjégan (Traditional King’s hat, Togo) This motif is derived from the tie-dye technique and is popular in Mali. This circle motif is copied exactly as it is used by Western fashion and textiles to express an African […]

  • The original machine

    The original machine

    Digital Wax Print is an innovation tool for experimenting, enriching the wax resist technique and introducing it into contemporary design practice. The Digital Wax Print plotter is a lightweight and disassemblable means of taking production out of the factory and into unexpected locations, thus creating new scenarios and stories.