Selvedge is used to identify authenticity and fabric origin; being one of the codes ‘…designed to help consumers distinguish between unauthorized counterfeit and authorised “True Original” fabrics.’ NS 160


‘As with any fashion statement, your selvedge must of course be visible to the world. When you have a dress made in Africa, you don’t cut off the selvedge. You make sure it is placed prominently in the design for all to see and admire. Even if you’re only wearing your cloth as a simple wrapper, you turn it right side out so that the selvedge is legible.’ MR & RI 50

‘The selvedge is the edge of the fabric, not designed. The top selvedge bears the words ‘VERITABLE WAX HOLLANDAIS VLISCO’, while the selvedge on the bottom states ‘GUARANTEED DUTCH WAX VLISCO’.’ NS 162


‘… identified by trademarked monogram, encrypted Vlisco “spot,” digital bar codes, and design number; … (3) word marks on the selvedge (“Guaranteed Dutch Wax Vlisco/Véritable Wax Hollandais Vlisco”. NS 161

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