Developing the current machine

The second prototype of Digital Wax Printer is a drawing machine designed especially to draw on standard textile dimension – 1500 mm width by an unlimited length, due to the printer being on wheels.


The pen used for drawing with wax has been designed starting from the hot-end of a 3d printer. The all printer has been designed with only open source and standard components, therefore can be easily and economically reproduced. It’s disassemblable and lightweight in order to be transportable and allows the user to transfer production outside of the usual production contexts.

Digital Wax Print is an innovation tool for experimenting, enriching the wax resist technique and introducing it into contemporary design practice.


The Digital Wax Printer remains a lightweight and disassemblable means of taking production out of the factory and into unexpected locations, thus creating new scenarios and stories.

Eugenia Morpurgo
Sami Sabz

Florent Noël