On show at the International Craft Design Exhibition on Natural Dyes 2014

Reinterpreting the traditional technique of batik through the means of Digital Fabrication.


Dutch colonials originally brought the batik technique from Indonesia back to Holland and reinvented it with the industrialization of wax resist prints.


The same Dutch were the first to then introduce and diffuse synthetic dyes into the Indonesian islands, destabilizing a centuries long tradition of locally sourced natural dyes.


Now, as international designers educated within the Dutch design context, we were inspired by this dialogue and pro-actively created an innovative machine for digital fabrication, bringing the essence of the technique into a contemporary design context.


This allowed us to continue this dialogue of influences – bringing back the focus onto natural dyes.


On display is a tapestry that represents our entire process of wax resist printing and coloring with natural dyes.

Original Colors –
Natural Colors devised from Region and apply in contemporary design.


Globalisation has led to the depletion of design creativity. A sense of environmental protection and local authenticity are the keys to a new design movement. As a leading disseminator of the worldwide trends in craft design innovation, Craft Design Hall invited world renowned showroom designers to create the International Craft Design Exhibition on Natural Dyes 2014. The exhibition will put on display about 60 pieces of designer products that integrate regional natural colors. Exhibits include apparels, accessories, house decorations, furniture and art work produced by world famous designer brands. This exhibition also presents the viewers with natural dye garments – products of a joint effort between Taiwan’s natural dye craft masters and top-notch fashion designers. The exhibition aims to lead and inspire the world’s designers to take advantage of natural dyes’ features that are both eco-friendly and unique with regional aesthetics, which will open a new and exciting chapter in design.

The International Symposium Economic Natural Dyes (ISEND) is organized by the United Nations Division Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the World Craft Council (WCC) emphasized in the revival of the development of natural dye in the economic industry. These dyes are used in fabrics, cosmetics, hair, color and food coloring etc.


The International Forum on Natural Dyes &WEFT TAIWAN 2014 will be held in Taiwan. The purpose of the conference is to share Taiwan more than 20 years’ accomplishment and experience through working with local communities in developing natural dyes and craft as well as to provide information and reference for the next generation of natural dyes industry through the exchange and share experience of skills and cultures with international professionals.


Also, through this opportunity we hope to allow our devotion to development of Taiwan craft industry is well know by international craft associations and to establish international partnerships in order to expand the international exchange and development for Taiwan’s craft industry in the future.

Commissioned by:
Taiwan Design Center
for the
International Craft Design Exhibition on Natural Dyes 2014


Nantou County, Taiwan


7 October – 7 December 2014